N E 9 3 P L A T E S D R A W I N G
j o h n b e l l     p h o n e  :    3 0 8  5 2 9  3 0 7 2   

    Ninety Three is a drawing depicting a unique license plate numbering system very familiar to those of us with an emotional tie to NEBRASKA.

As I mentioned, our numbering system allows us even as children to put a geographical reference on virtually any vehicle from Nebraska which I always thought was cool.  I knew for quite awhile this would be an interesting project, whatever it may be, I just had to come up with what I would do with this subject.  I spent hours scouring the internet in search of Nebraska plate images and designs that I could use for reference.  I left the latest installment off because I really don't care for it.  I then drew the state and counties on the computer in order to strategically place the plate and size them.  I constructed a black and white comp to provide me with a map and I began to work on the drawing county by county from east to west.  The original (images below are of the original) is in my possession and hangs in my house in Gothenburg.  These plates and numbering system have always seemed at least unique to me and I wanted to capture it.  I figure most people who have lived in Nebraska for any length of time will understand why I would create such a piece.  As I created the piece, I figured not only would I enjoy having a copy of this map.  I could go on about my emotional tie to this state, this map and the plates that comprise it.  I have given a brief summary of my motivation and method and that will have to suffice.  I would be happy to speak with you about the piece if you want to contact me that would be fine.  I hope that you and others enjoy the drawing/map and its uniqueness to Nebraska.  If you are wondering, I made it with a bunch of markers and I took the liberty of placing the Big Red in Lancaster County instead of the number two.

Below is a photgraph up close for the sake of detail of the Lincoln County area.  This image is very close to life size.

Actual size of the artwork below is approximately 50 inches from eastern to western border and 20 inches from northern to southern border.

All images © 2018 John Bell